Microsoft Research: Tools to Help Resolve Concurrency Problems

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If you are developing multi-threaded applications, there is a possibility that you may be having concurrency problems, and these problems can be difficult to reproduce and identify.

At PDC09, Madan Musuvathi and Sebastian Burckhardt showed off some tools (“Cuzz” and “FeatherLite”) that Microsoft Research is currently working on that may one day assist developers in addressing concurrency issues they may be having in their application. I’ve invited them to join me today to talk with us about some of the issues involved with tracking down concurrency problems, as well as how each tool works.

If you’d like more information about the tools they are working on, you may want to check out their PDC09 session, which is available here:

You can also find more details about what Madan and Sebastian are doing in Microsoft Research on the Microsoft Research Website:



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