Multi-Core and Parallel Programming Practices

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In case you haven’t realized it, the new trend in computer chip technology is multi-core. This is where most of the speed improvements moving forward will come from on our computers. To take full advantage of this however it is necessary to design your applications using Parallel Programming practices, also known as "parallelism".

In today’s episode, we will meet with Stephen Toub, who will share with us some of the overarching concepts associated with parallelism, and some of the ways we are trying to empower developers to develop applications to take advantage of it.

You may also want to check out Stephen’s presentation from PDC09 on this topic here:

And here is the full set of PDC09 sessions related to parallel programming practices:


Managed code in Visual Studio 2010:

Native code in Visual Studio 2010:

HPC Server:

Research and Incubation:




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    Is there any news on a official managed layer for Direct Compute? Being able to run financial calculations in parallel across CPU and GPGPU is something we really need in our shop.

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