PDC09: John Durant on newly announced SharePoint features

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The Discussion

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    John Durant is awesome. Looking forward to PDC

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    I consider internet as the most powerful resource. I am so glad with Internet channel9.msdn that they come up with such a very informative site. , .thanks sir

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    100k signatures

    Hats off to john durant

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    the bridges of the wizard

    Really helpfull, need more comparitive studies.

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    "I agree that ABC is better than XYZ, especially when it comes to quality. I have been using ABC for the last 3 years it never dissapointed me. Does anybody know when the new version is coming out?"

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    i dig blogs yo

    John durant is really helpful in explaining the features of Microsoft office 2010.helpful to business men as wellmas domestic users. Channel9 should continue such helpful features

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