PDC09 Workshop: Developing Quality Software Using Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2010

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The Discussion

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    minor point....

    How does 11,000 compared to 8,000 = 50%?

    Seems like it should equal 38%

    (as quoted  @10 minute mark)

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    I attended this pre-conference workshop, hoping that I would see "demonstrations of code quality best practices that have been proven to work on a variety of projects", but unfortunately, the workshop didn't touch on this subject at all.


    In fact, most of the stuff presented was focused on how to drag stuff around and irrelevant stuff such as coloring of visuals in UML diagrams, and zooming in and out of diagrams (hint: don't read out loud what it says in the new context menus - your audience can read etc.).


    The first half of the workshop was a complete waste of time, and this is not just my personal oppinion. I heard from several other guests that they found the first half a complete waste of time. The second half picked up the pace, but Todd Girvin kept dragging the level down to level 100, where as Chris Tullier wanted to do level 300 - 400 stuff, being more of a experienced developer.


    Too bad, I was hoping for more.

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