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PDC10 is fast approaching, and if you’ve been paying attention, you know that things are different this year. While you might know that for the first time we will be holding it at our own conference facility on the Microsoft Campus, and you might also know that we sold out early due to the smaller size of the venue. What you may not realize however, is that we’ve been working hard to make the online experience as exciting as possible.

For this episode, I’ve invited Eric Schmidt to talk to us about the brand new “viewer” he’s been working on for PDC10 which is being specifically designed to make sure those developers who couldn’t attend in person, will still be able to get a lot of value from the material being presented. Like always, we’ll be streaming the Keynote live, but we will also be streaming all of the in-person seminars live as well! We will also be preparing a great collection of pre-recorded seminars specifically for the PDC, and all of those sessions will be available online as soon as the PDC starts. Our media player is being built with the specific needs of our online audience in mind, with some very exciting features and capabilities.

Oh, and don't be concerned about Eric's mention of the PDC starting on Oct 29th near the end of this episode... he hadn't had his morning coffee yet, and really intended to say "Oct 28th".

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The Discussion

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    As a poor Canadian on the prairies, I do appreciate the effort.

    Thank you Eric, and everyone at Channel 9. You are my double rainbow. All the way.  Across the sky.

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    John Larson

    LOL.. Microsoft is try to save money so they hosting PDC at home..  A sure sign that things are not all that sunny in Redmond..

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    I enjoyed the last PDC tremendously because of the interactivity. The further "liveness" is only a plus. Looking forward to this Smiley

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    @deadonthefloor:hey, at least two of the C9 crew are Canadians from the prairies...  happy to see that we've helped a fellow flatlander...

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    @John Larson: Athough it might seem like the PDC Event is saving money, it's quite the opposite. The costs involved with live broadcast of an entire conference (not just the keynote), the new online features we're adding, and the fact that have only 1,000 paid attendees mean that this year's event will end up costing us money.

    Saving money was not at all the reasoning behind having the PDC in Redmond.  It's about maximizing reach and enhancing the virtual experience so that more people can "attend", even if they don't have the budget or logistical means to do so.

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    @John Larson: LOL, You should really look into that.

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