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    CRPietschma​nn is an excellent example application, and WAY better than the usual "Hello World" crap that's traditionally included in most books. And, it's an Open Source Project, so it'll grow way past the initial demo shown in the Pro ASP.NET MVC book.

    I have heard some say that the book's not worth it since the NerdDinner Chapter (Ch 1); which is available as a free download; is 164 pages of the total 420 pages of the book (not including the index); however don't be put off by this. The book is an excellent reference!! If you're looking to demistify ASP.NET MVC and get using it; then I totally recommend this book.

    Excellent Job on the Book!!!

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    I'm currently reading the "rough cuts" of Stephen Walther's book  (because Wrox books aren't available on Safari Library).

    I'm in two minds about ASP.NET MVC. On the one hand I'll miss at least the idea of drag-drop page creation that Webforms had (I say the idea because it rarely worked out that well in practice), and it kinda sucks having to go so low-level the way views are created and responses handled in MVC. But on the other hand, as I've been learning recently about creating really good CSS-based design and how that relies on having nice clean HTML markup, it seems like the only way to go. Also, my experience of Webforms is that that work really well up to a point, but sooner or later you end up wanting to do something that makes it seem like all that infrastructure is just getting in the way.

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