Thomas Fennel and Windows Phone Mango's Push Notifications and Live Tile Support

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The Discussion

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    Push notification is attracting features but it also ask for more battery consumption. The design should always consider both the frequently update and the battery consumption at the same time.

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    Sally James

    I think this is awesome, Thomas is very good speaker
    and knows his subject.

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    @Jesse_Ahn: Excellent point.  You can learn some of the new things we do to ensure this is the case in my MIX11 talk above.

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    Love these mango vids! If any microsofties are looking for a fun mango project, would love to see a telnet client for wp7 mango showing off both sockets support and the rich text control... Hehe

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    Not too free with Live Tile please. As an user, I like certain things in fixed places, so I don't have to hunt down the clues. You know, like, if file name is not always below the icon in Windows, it is quite hard to use.


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