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    It's Robert Hess from the .Net Show....cool!! What happen to that show??..i loved it!

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    Robert Hess
    Mr. Guru... or can I call you Web?

    Glad you enjoyed The .NET Show! Erica and I had a great time working on this show for over seven years. Even Star Trek: The Next Generation decided to wrap up after seven years, and I felt that I couldn't suggest that The .NET Show was better then that! :->

    I am currently playing around with using "The Knowledge Chamber" as a replacement for The .NET Show. The format will allow me to do shows far more regularly, and far cheaper (which is important these days!). I will be adjusting the tone and format over time based on what I percieve as the feedback from you, the audience. So please let me know what you think of the show, it's length, my guests, etc.

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    ok ..so i actually watched this.

    i dont want to rag about it.. the guy seems nice enough...  but basically it seemed like a staged advert for expression and workflow

    Maybe interview the designers that work for this (marketing) guy... and show samples of their work - and how they made it.

    And how many revisions they had to go through working with the teams at MS

    Sorry - but Experience Designer... does not = the grunts that actually design the stuff Tongue Out

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    Umm... Tim IS one of the guys who both uses these products in his daily work and helps the Expression team get it right...
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    great. cant wait to see samples of his work. his designs.  how he made them.

    Id settle for rough mockups others finished - otherwise ..its not really about design
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    Robert Hess
    Jamie... well, you can always check out: http://2009.visitmix.com/ to see some of Tim's work, he designed most, if not all, of the MIX09 creative material.

    But... you do raise a good point. It would have been appropriate to let Tim dive into some of his actual work and show how he produces it.

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    Tim Aidlin
    I can understand the concerns raised, but I assure you, what I say is not from a Marketing point-of-view, but someone who's actually working in the trenches building WPF applications, functional xHTML, CSS, and JavaScript websites, and considers himself to be as possibly "technology agnostic" as is possible, working for Microsoft Smiley  I'll totally acknowledge having a bias, of course, but know I really do come from a User Experience point-of-view first.

    As for samples of work I've done that speak well specifically to the developer/designer workflow, let me point you to a couple samples:


    Oomph: A Microformats Toolkit

    SongSmith Application (not website or marketing)

    So, hope this is helpful.  Robert and I stay in good contact, so keep an eye out for more interviews with the two of us.

    I totally welcome your feedback, and think your idea of recording some videos of how I actually design these applications is a great one.  Thanks for getting in touch.

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