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    Will there be a public API for Bluetooth in this first release?

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    Unfortunately, there will not be a bluetooth API in the first release of the Windows Phone 7 app platform.  This is something we've heard a lot of feedback on and very high in the priority list for future versions.

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    Hey Now Robert & Mike,


    Great Vid!  Sorry to hear your phone screen cracked.


    Thx 4 the info,


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    Paul Flusk

    What opportunity will there be for 3rd party companies to develop 3rd party apps to use purely for their companies use, without paying for a MSDN Subscription?For example, can I develop an app for my company only and install it on multiple devices without putting it on marketplace? If not why not? The only reason I am sticking out for phone 7 over android is the potential for .net dev. If this is not optional, sorry, but I will be porting over to android and Java instead, who seem to have a much richer set of APIs.
    Whilst I am on this topic, who no support for small internal SQL databases? Creating objects in an app will be time consuming and inefficient; surely you could have allowed or developed to allow for SQL.
    Why no internet based silverlight?Why no API support for built in cameras?
    Why no sideloading?
     If these are time related issues, and they will be resolved, please please let the Devs know.  As a dev, I want to be able to dev using managed code, not PINVOKE to use a function such as bluetooth or videocamera. I certainly dont want to pay mega $ to a third party developer when quite frankly, this support should be supplied by MS or at least the phone developer. Each phone manufacturer should generate the APIs required and include them on a CD with the mobile to allow easy and quick application development.
    All these things will create a fantastic phone. The HTC HD is a fantastic phone, that quite frankly has been let down up to now with lousy software. Give devs the tools they need and you will have a fantastic business oriented product, that many .net developers will have full access to a wide variety of tools. At least give us a timeframe to which we can expect the above, or face a lot of .net developers switching to android.

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    Too many No's in Win Phone 7, Anroid is far better, I want to go into mobile development 2011, thinking of which platform, i have checked Anroid it look better but i will still have love to have .Net in my hand with win phone 7, but as its now, sorry i have to stay with anroid and j2me phones with bluetooth API and camera API.

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