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           It makes me really happy to see my customers satisfied. However, it is a disaster, and trust-destroying, if one of my customers finds a grammar error in any text I was responsible for editing.
    How does your software makes you feel?
    Let me guess. It should be something like: How does your software make you feel?
    Thank you!
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    Michael Lehman

    Thanks for catching that!  I got it right on the slide (picture) but not in the headline.  It is now fixed.
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    Emotional attachment is the key!

    Feeling is actually a rational function, the complementary opposite of Thinking. That is the reason we return to our favorite product, we feel good and identify with it.

    Sensation of a product exceeding expectations is what is irrational, and what is most important. It cannot be readily predicted, so we illicit feedback from testers about their emotional experience using the software (yet more irrationality). Rinse, repeat. 

    Add this to my permanent memory, I will.

    Thank you, Lou Carbone.

    You are very clear.

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