The MicroISV Show #10 - Joel Spolsky

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    Jim Kring
    -- Bob is quoted as saying, "[Safari Software] has one product out right now called Masters Professional."

    The product name is MasterList Professional.

    -- Joel is quoted as saying "So I don't I would be exaggerating to say that there is at least a million a month."

    He probably said, "So I don't think I would be exaggerating to say that there is at least a million a month."
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    Michael Lehman

    Thanks for pointing that out.  Both are fixed along with the name of Bob's new site and book which is

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    Excellent show, but you guys have got to kick-up the quality Smiley I was listening on my iPod while shopping at Walmart and I was struggling to listen to Spolsky's responses, all the while hearing somebody typing very loudly in the background Smiley

    Production quality is pretty low, but the content was superb! Very nice work guys. I look forward to hearing more in the future.

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    I'll second that for the audio quality (and content). It makes so much difference when you can clearly hear people.

    Out of all the tech podcasts I listen to, the ones with the better quality sound are the ones that I listen to first simply because they aren't painful. One that I subscribe to is published in MP3 format at 64kbps, and I really only listen when I've finished everything else. Which is pretty odd as the guy has some sweet equipment.

    Anyways - keep up the good work! Glad to see that they're more regular now!



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    Jim Kring
    Bob said:
    > Yes. But I think it is going to be a long, long time down the road before we see Photoshop as a web service.

    Long, long time down the road?  The future is now...
    Adobe to take Photoshop online

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