The MicroISV Show #11 - Jim Holmes & James Avery - Windows Developer Power Tools

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The Discussion

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    Great show!  The one problem I had with may be technical in origin, but Bob stepped on the guests several times.  I don't know if maybe he can't hear them well enough, but he cut their answers short several times to ask his next question.

    Otherwise, great job Michael and Bob!
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    Michael Lehman
    Thanks for the observation.  We are aware of that problem and have since upgraded the recording tool Bob used.

    Hopefully this should not happen in the future.
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    Congratulation on an informitive and interesting PodCast.
    I've ordered the book and look forward to reading it.

    ### SHAME LESS PLUG ###

    I had an idea about how to setup a team development environment for the MicroSV who wants to use Subversion with VS.Net. It includes lots of little tricks that I found but hadn't been put together in one place.

    You can read the tutorial here:

    Feedback would be great!

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    I would suggest .Net developers use WatiN instead of Watir.  There is also a port of Scott Hanselman's  WATiR WebRecorder++ called WATiN WebRecorder++ that will record an IE session and provide you with a basic test script.

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