The MicroISV Show #20 - Pamela Slim - Escape from Cubicle Nation

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In this edition of The MicroISV Show, Bob Walsh and Michael Lehman talk with Pamela Slim, author of the blog Escape from Cubicle Nation, wherein she opines regularly about "how to go from corporate prisoner to thriving entrepreneur".

Pam give her opinions on how to (and how not to) start your own company, when to tell your boss (and your co-workers) and how to do some self evaluation to decide on what things to do yourself and which things are best left to experts.

Here are links to the sites Pam mentions in the interview:

Pam's Business website:
Pam's Radio Show on VoiceAmerica

Virtual assistant resources: (it is an association for virtual assistants, but it also provides resources in the "Client Guide" section





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    Please, please, please stop the clicking sound in the background.

    I don't know how you've done so many shows with the persistant click.  I can deal with the loud fan noise or whatever it is in the background but the click has got to go!!!

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