The MicroISV Show #3 - Bob Walsh - Author of "MicroISV - From Vision to Reality"

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Show #3 features part 1 of my interview with Bob Walsh, current Managing Partner of Safari Software, former report for United Press International, and author of the new APRESS book "MicroISV - From Vision to Reality".

Bob talks about what motivated him to write this book (the information he needed to start and run a successful MicroISV wasn't available anywhere else) and his thoughts on what it takes to succeed.

Next up will be an interview with Eric Sink, who coined the term MicroISV, and then part 2 of my interview with Bob who talks about his personal experiences of starting his own MicroISV, Safari Software.





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The Discussion

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    It was good to hear a bit more from Bob about his new book. I'm still only about half-way through... :O

    I wouldn't complain if the podcasts were a bit longer... I know you're all busy, but I would really like to hear more from you and your guests, Michael.

    After all, my commute time still isn't totally booked up with quality podcasts on software and technology quite yet Wink


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    Michael Lehman
    Thanks Ryan.

    Some of the future shows are going to be longer but I'm a firm believer in keeping things to a managable attention span.

    We'll have to see where it goes.

    The second half of the interview with Bob Walsh should be up by the end of next week.
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    Hello Michael,

    I've been waiting for more, and the interview with Eric is up. I didn't see a second part for the interview with Bob. Is that coming out soon?



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