The Voice of Support - Show 010: Managing Xbox and Xbox 360 Support Worldwide

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    I'll get the ball rolling... How about allowing people to change their accounts region? Right now i'm an american stuck with a canadian account because my canadian wife bought a 360 when they were released and decided to pay for live with her canadian credit card. I live in NYC and can't access half the content on live because of this silly region stuff. I've already called "Support" and their brilliant solution was for me to cancel my account and lose my gamertag that i've had for like 4 years. I'm hoping you guys can fix my account or come up with a real solution that doesn't involve screwing me over even more. Now i know you guys are worried about people abusing region changes for stupid reasons, but you also need to remember that you have customers that MOVE and actually need to change their region because they no longer live where they first setup their live account. Losing our gamertags because you guys did not have the foresight to think about customers doing something as commonplace as moving is beyond ridiculous.
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    Make sure you read the comments over on Major Nelson's blog if you are interested in the current state of Xbox support seen from the eyes of the customers.
    Sure the number of unhappy customers may be a small percentage but I think its significant enough a number to have corporate take a look and see what's wrong.  Hopefully fix it while they're at it too Wink

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