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Cloud Native Configuration and Setting in ASP.NET Core

Play Cloud Native Configuration and Setting in ASP.NET Core

The Discussion

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    This was great! Thank you. Any chance you could link directly to the docs for building cloud native configurations? I understand the 'concepts' ...just need practical examples to try.

    Also Shayne, because this is so important, it would be SO VERY AWESOME if you could do a mini-series on these cloud native configurations on the site (like you did with Docker). The steps to pull configuration out of our code, and have them picked up by Azure configuration settings are not necessarily obvious/intuitive, so a few practical examples on the learning site would be very helpful!
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    Apologies for the missing links, will add those asap. In the meantime here is the link to the docs for Configuration -> Configuration in ASP.NET Core and I'll pass on the request for a configuration 101 video to the team.

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