Why .NET Core for building Cloud Native Apps?

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- .NET
- What is .NET
- .NET Core Roadmap
- Configuration for .NET Core
Microservices with .NET
- TechEmpower Benchmarks

[01:33] - Scott talks about the vision of a new .NET
[02:55] - Shayne asks what were the challenges creating a new .NET
[05:00] - Logging changes, configuration without recompile
[07:30] - Middleware and how that has changed the architecture
[09:42] - Performance and size of the framework
[10:58] - Shayne asks was microservices the motivation for a new .NET
[12:02] - Performance
[14:32] - What's a basic microservice in .NET Core look like?
[17:20] - Scott mentions another tenant of .NET Core was no IDE lock-in
[19:13] - What's coming in .NET Core 3.0
[23:28] - Scott's one more thing



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