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Episode #2 of the 2013 countdown season has Joey and Rick taking you though all the ins and outs of using Schedule Builder.  If you have already registered and haven't used it yet - what are you waiting for? Get out there and SCHEDULE!!!

  • Why use Schedule Builder now? PLANNING!
  • All Sessions are on a "First Come First Serve basis"
  • Double and Triple booking - should I do that?
  • Room Allocations - when do they get made?
  • Demo of Schedule Builder
  • Sign in to personalize your schedule
  • Filtering Tips: (Speaker, Track, Keyword, TimeSlot and Day )
  • Update and create your "My Schedule"
  • Tip: Hold off on adding to Outlook with ICS file until Room Allocations have been added.

 Get out there and interact Online:

Get out there and REGISTER if you haven't already!



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The Discussion

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    Nice info. Thanks guys. I tossed a question up on the forums but will re-post it here since it's in reference to the Schedule Builder and Rick's comment about double/triple/quadruple booking sessions not really helping to determine room allocation. Why not have both abilities?

    "Is there a way to priotitize the multi-booked sessions in Schedule Builder?

    • Similar to the stars for Popularity but so we could organize an order of desired attendance of the sessions we double/triple/quadruple book. Such as having four sessions that are at the same time I could allocate 1-4 stars to order which ones I want to try to attend with higher priority.

      This would allow attendees to have the benefit of multiple booking and still allow you guys to have useful room size allocation information."


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    Hey @mikerigsby,

    Good idea on the preference or priority of the multi-booked session for planning purposes (and personal preference as well). I'll pass that along to the dev teams as possible options to explore as we continue to refine our event engine here on C9.

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    You mentioned that the sessions are recorded. Though I didn't attend TechEd last year, I did watch some of the recordings.  I remember there were some sessions that didn't have links for ther recordings.  Is it that only attendees can see ALL sessions , or is it that not ALL sessions are recorded.  If I knew in advance, it might make a difference which sessions I attend in person. 

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    Rickster & Joey Snow,


    Thank you guys for this show.  As each week passes I am starting to feel like I might actually be prepared to attend.  I am taking your advice and looking at some of the things the speakers have done in the past.  I have setup my schedule and with must sees and might make its.  There are some sessions I am interested in but are not really my cup of tea.  The level of the class is helping me make those decisions.  

    Thanks again for the info and I look forward to the Next NooB Newscast!



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    @RobHouston: The plan is to record all breakout sessions. Sometimes there are issues and something doesn't get recorded or an issue comes up with copyright and we have to hold a session back... but generally we try to hit 100% of content goes online.

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    @Duncanma:Thanks for doing your best.  Last year I didn't aggressively notetake at Minasi's excellent cloud session, only to never find the video posted for it.    It would be extremely helpful if the schedule-builder could tell us upfront that a session will not be taped, when this is known.

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    is this the session you were looking for?

    or was it a different one?

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    @RobHouston Note the word "breakout" in the @duncanma response. This means that none of the pre-con sessions will be available for viewing, even though they show up in the session list.

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    when the rooms are assigned, will we be able to export one ICS file with all of the sessions we added to our schedule? in the podcast, it seemed like you said you had to click the 'Add to Calendar' link next to a individual session.

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