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    Nothing wrong with still carrying a Zune.  I have two in my main bag. 

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    Excellent show and very handy tips. Looptworks, the folks who make the bag, are a local (for me) Portland company and I hit them up to let them know I was attending.They'd actually like to get feedback from attendees afterwards on what they think about the bag so I might be hitting up some folks on their opinions during the conference.

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    @MikeRigsby:Great to hear Rigsby... I'll see what I can do to help share more bag specific feedback where possible. I can tell ya that it performed well with all of Joey's CRAP he had to carry around.  Unfortunately it wouldn't hold my 2 x 17" and 1 x 15" laptops, WAP, cables, powersupplies, KVM and power strip.

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    Great show and tips! Might be one of the biggest newbie questions but anyhow - Where do you get the bag and why? 


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    Chris Rhodes

    Great bag tips, but my one gripe is that all the airports I've been through in NA and Europe, they always want the laptop out the bag, and I have a similar zip out setup with my backpack. That said, good show guys! See you in New Orleans!

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    Ryan Franco

    In the video said that is fits a 17' but will a 17.3 will fit in the bag?

    Thank You

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