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Episode #3 of the 2013 countdown season has Joey and Rick taking time out of their schedule at MMS 2013 to address all the Newbie Questions they've heard online and in the forums. Shout Outs to other 9ers who have already stepped up and shared their experience and knowledge to help the newbies in the C9 Forums. 

  • TechEd 2012 College Orientation Course
  • Plane Travel advice
  • Suggested items to bring with you in your carryon
  • Travel from airport to hotel (Share rides and meet friends!)
  • Hotel arrival and setup
  • Convention Center reconnaissance
  • Don't forget power conversion plugs if required.
  • Joey and Rick will help deliver #TechEd101 with Richard Campbell on Sunday!!!
  • Getting to the conference center on a daily basis
  • Dress in Layers - hot outside, but can be cool in the air-conditioning
  • Bring a laptop or no?

Shout Out to: @mfifer, @fredericneilson, @joeelway, @mke077, @petermaria, @vecna and everyone else who unbeknownst to them - helped craft this newbie episode.

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The Discussion

  • User profile image

    Seriously appreciated guys

  • User profile image

    Great tips for first timers, such as myself Smiley Appreciated!

  • User profile image

    We aim to please!

  • User profile image
    Michael Bender

    Wow...Kicked to the curb by Rick & Joey for TechEd101 at #MSteched! :(

  • User profile image

    Nicely done guys!

  • User profile image
    Josan Battle

    I love the shoes! But I may be biased!!!! Great shoe....I mean show!

  • User profile image

    Good information guys. Wish I saw this before my first TechEd.

  • User profile image

    Laptop is hit or miss for me.  Last year in Orlando it seemed like my co-workers saw I was on Lync and bombarded me with support issues during the sessions.  This year since I am so close to the convention center if there was an emergency I can just walk back to my hotel.

    Definitely bring at least your cell phone though so you can OneNote some notes during sessions.

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    Did I hear correctly that TechEd101 will be both a video on here, as well as, a live in person presentation on the Sunday before the conference? Also, what time on that Sunday is TechEd101 planned for? I have a pre-conference seminar that day so I hope I don't miss it due to that.

  • User profile image

    @Scottee25: Currently - there are two sessions of MS101 on the Sunday before TechEd in North America. Traditionally it takes place at 1 PM and at 4 PM to accommodate travel schedules. We'll be confirming these a little closer to the event -sometime after rooms have been assigned. Stay tuned to the Forums for more info.

  • User profile image

    @Michael Bender: Kicked to the curb is a little harsh Bender... Smiley There is no way we'd do that. I'm hoping that you would be interested in collaborating with us to make this an awesome TechEd 101.  We'll chat in Madison in a couple of weeks over pints if you are game.

  • User profile image

    Thanks guys,  I'm a TechEd Newbie this year.  Looking forward to it.

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