Countdown to TechEd: All about the Tech Expo a.k.a. Partner Pavilion

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Episode #9 of the 2013 countdown season has Joey and Rick giving you a walk about the North American TechExpo. Great tips about how to systematically approach this massive area get the most of this multifaceted conference resource. You'll find some great gems on how to connect with partners, get your questions answered by technical experts and recharge your energy levels.

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The Discussion

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    Can we get the maps available to download?  they look nice in the video.  A conference floor map and break out session maps would be helpful in preplanning what sessions to run between, etc...

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    LOL shoutout to the Naz Naz. love it.

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    @RallyJoe: An electronic version will be posted closer to launch of the event... an analog option is available in the conference guide. They will also be online / offline version in the C9 events app.

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