Countdown to TechEd North America 2012: What's in Rick's Suitcase?

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We're in the home stretch before TechEd North America! In our final countdown show - Rick shares what he packed in his suitcase. Joey is so impressed - he's speechless at points! Rick lives by the motto of "you cannot be prepared enough..." and as such takes it a little to the extreme when packing for TechEd. 

In all seriousness, some things you should make sure to bring:

  • Power adapters, cables and chargers
  • comfortable shoes
  • dress appropriately (chilly inside, hot outside and at night)
  • T-Shirts are collectable during the first evening at partner booths
  • extra bag - to help bring stuff home.

Come see us in the showcase area where we will be live streaming during breaks and lunches as well as recording episodes and interviews during sessions. Connect with us via twitter during TechEd by tweeting with #ch9live and we'll be watching the #msteched hashtag as well for goings on.

Travel safe!



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The Discussion

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    Oh you guys... LOL. Your production assistants were too fast though because your objects were coming out of your suitcase before you even reached in to grab them. Smiley Hilarious.

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    Still time for that competition .. no wait .. better just that ticket to whoever comments here first (Microsoft employees excluded).

  • User profile image

    @jrozenblit - shhhhh. don't break the magic... It's actually part of the space/time continuum issue where objects are literally pushed out to make room for more in the magical suitcase.

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    @ian2 congrats - you win! what's your interview question or topic you'd like us to cover at TechEd CH9 live with guests?

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    Nick Corcodilos

    Rick -- You must learn to think out of the box. If you'd put an SUV in there, all would have been so much easier. You could have just packed all that stuff in the SUV. No need for a heavy bag. Right?

  • User profile image

    @nick - that is why you make the big bucks as a HeadHunter extraordinaire - you think OUTSIDE the box (or in this case, the suitcase).  My only downside is I don't have time to drive from Redmond, WA to Florida in time for the event. Smiley

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    LOL...great job packing! Excellent idea for the vendors at the Expo- instead of t-shirts, offer some power extension cords... you will make friends too Smiley

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