Countdown to TechEd: start of the 2013 countdown season

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    Sean Kearney

    You almost forgot one of the most important aspects of TechEd in North America, Geek Give! A chance for anybody to give back to the community. It's on June 1st just before the big TechEd Action. :)

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    Nice 101 coverage. Thanks Guys!

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    Hey @Harjit,

    Based on the OVERWHELING feedback in the forums regarding "New to TechEd" type stuff - Joey and I are going to do a WHOLE SHOW on N00bie things. Stay tuned!

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    Any podcast listening folks should keep in mind that most podcatchers can also download these from a seach of

    Very handy for me since I'm commuting a lot so my podcast player of choice on my phone will now just automatically pull down these new episodes as you guys release them.

    Definitely appreciate the forthcoming n00b content since this will also be my first TechEd.

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    Great to see the countdown series beginning because that means MS TechEd is getting closer! Look out NOLA, here we come.

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    Nice work guys! great first episode. Looking forward to the rest.

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