TechEd Countdown Show: The One About Day One

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With only 5 weeks remaining until TechEd North America in Houston Texas (May 12-15) Rick and Joey get into the details of the day one schedule. It all starts with making sure that you are all checked in to registration on Sunday so you can grab some breakfast and head into the Keynote.

Following the Keynote the next session that you will attend is one of the six Foundational sessions that are available. Joey and Rick discuss how the Foundational Sessions help you make the best use of your time at TechEd, by providing key insights that will allow you to get more out of the sessions you attend. Heavy on demos and presented by Microsoft product experts, Foundational Sessions dive deeper into themes presented during the keynote, providing practical solutions to solve important technical and business issues your company faces today.

After covering your day one it's once again Forum question time, this week addressing a question around the Hands On Labs and Instructor Labs.

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The Discussion

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    What not even a comment about the Keynote drinking games!?   1 Drink each time "Big Data" is mentioned, 2 shots for each demo bug,  and 1/32nd of a shot each time "Cloud" is mentioned (cant do more than that or you'll die by the end of the keynote ;))


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