TechEd Countdown Show: The One with lots of odds and ends

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We are at T-9 Weeks and Episode 11 of the TechEd Countdown show and this week Rick and Joey have a Texas sized variety of stuff to cover in this weeks show. First up we take another visit into the forums to address more questions from previous MMS attendees as well as addressing the concern that TechEd isn't technical.

Next up Rick and Joey introduce you to the individual track discussions that are new to the forums. These forums are the place to put your input in on the session content in each track. Here are the quick links to the topics:

After our forum visit, we head to Brad Anderson's Reddit AMA to answer questions about the future of the TechEd event. If you missed out on the AMA here is where you can read the Q&A:

Finally we find out just how Joey and Rick use TechEd to connect and network. What are their tips, tricks, and secrets and re-introduce you all to The Krewe (@thekrewe #thekrewe).

If you have been waiting to register it's time to get signed up and ready for Houston! And please make sure that you are following us on:





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