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With Microsoft Build right around the corner (May 6th - 8th) - we were asked to give you some inside info and tips about how to get the most out of #MSBuild. After talking about it over coffee and reading a great blog post about it - we distilled it down to this short video. Have a watch as you prepare your travel plans to come on over to Seattle OR catch the live stream.   

See you at Microsoft Build 2019!


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The Discussion

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    I don't know of a better place to post this????

    I am watching the stream in Calgary from Build. Why is there no respect for the DVR viewer? Every so often, the dang thing drops me back to live. I never watch the stream live so I can chop out the cruft.
    This is very annoying. Yes I do refind my place but just the same.....

    Best Regards,

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    Very Sad, it never improved. It cut you off, Christine, many times????

    Day 2, i got feedup in the late morning and went to Google IO. Youtube never caused me a bit of problems.

    Day 3 , I am feedup again. I have some much on VOD, going to that now.....

    Best Regards,


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