Defrag: Compatibility Series Part 1

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The Discussion

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    Call a bomb a bomb.

    Competition scared you to change direction and you dropped a bomb on UI.

    Its failure is still unfolding and needs time. Compatibility is bi-polar to Windows 8. You broke everything that is what a human see's and expects. Time has taunt us that computers use windows and do things. All OS's do this. Windows 8 fills the screen with one task and lets you sometimes split the screen with other tasks ?

    How devolved can you sell us on technology ?

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    That's a wonderful and informative discussion about not only OS-application evolution, but application compatibility (which I've always wanted to hear more about) and long-term software development. All of these are valuable perspectives that developers could learn from to create better applications that function properly over many years.

    From a software development perspective, I'm thrilled to hear you reinforce the oft-forgotten point: if you program things wrong or poorly, you can't have any expectation that they will function properly throughout an extended (or even normal) lifecycle. We can't write software under the assumption that the rest of the world (i.e. OS) won't change and then complain (or blame MS) when the world changes; we need to develop defensively and make good, sustainable implementation decisions. This show is a wonderful reminder of why developers should consider the impact of so many aspects of an application, not just their immediate hurdles.

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    Hey Gov any tools like what you identified that would do the same thing for Server 2003?

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