Defrag: Build's coming, printers on Surface RT, dedupe OneDrive and much more

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    [02:22] - Pause (and other keyboards)  in CMD scripts

    ok, I did not thought about the 2 chars coding of the key

    [04:40] - What is KB2949809 for Windows 8.1

    thanks for answering. It is strange that the KB site is still not shown

    [23:46] - Pick of the Week: Word 1.1 and MS DOS 1.1 and 2.0 source released

    there nice comments in the code :D

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    To the question of the key press this happens because when you press certain keys on the keyboard in reality it send two signals one is a escape signal and the other is a normal key the arrows are one example of this where after the escape key one of them sends the letter P I don't recall witch one.

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    [05:13] Follow-up

    This is Dave, I got it to work with a HP DeskJet PCL3 Class Device driver. It did the trick.:D


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