Defrag: Windows To Go License, Setting Windows 8 Modern DPI, VC++ redists, Undocking laptops and more

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Microsoft tech troubleshooter extraordinaire Gov Maharaj and I help walk you through troubleshooting solutions to your tech support problems. If you have a problem you want to send us, you can use the Problem Step Recorder in Windows 7 (see this for details on how) and send us the zip file to We will also be checking comments for problems, but the email address will let us contact you if needed.

[00:56] Windows To Go in the workplace as a diagnostic environment, licensing terms 
[02:41] Disabling DPI scaling in Windows 8 for Modern Apps 
[03:50] 20 Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributions, are all really needed?
[05:54] BitLocker Question Speed Round. System Restore Partition size, 100gb, vs 300gb, Windows 8.1, accessing it, booting and more
[12:35] Pinning a PDF and showing first page as the Tile (link)
[14:08] New Router, same userid/password, can't connect
[15:11] Best Practice for when undocking laptops, Blue Screen when undocking
[17:22] OneDrive in Windows 8.1 and offline access for all files
[18:30] Telling if a machine has Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.1 Update 1 (link)
[19:43] Best way to access Windows 8 Safe Mode

[21:04] Pick of the Week - MSR Type Hover Swipe (link)


Note: Yep, we know you couldn't pin the Windows Store, or any Modern App, to the Desktop Taskbar before Windows 8.1 Update 1. But you can unpin it, so it's still not a perfect Windows 8.1 Update indicator.

Another way, is the Search icon on the Start screen. While the power button might not be there, depending on the form factor, the search button should always be there, no matter the form factor.

All that said, “What Gov would do” is look for the KB, KB2919355, in your Updates.



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    MIke Rausch

    Great show. I watch you guys every week.

    I have a thinkpad twist with 8.1 update 1 installed. If I access the store from the icon in desktop mode, I dont' have any way to close the app. The mouse doesn't do anything except allow me to scroll from side to side. I have to alt-tab back to desktop mode and right click on the store icon to close it. Is this expected behavior?


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    I have my 8.1 update 1 configured to boot to the Start screen(!) as I have several live tiles I cast my eyes over before heading out (including the Channel 9 App!!). I notice that when I close an App either by clicking on the new close button or dragging down from the top I find myself back in the Desktop not Start. Is this also expected behaviour or is it configurable? 

    Keep up the good work - and Gov, have a holiday too.



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    this happens when you have the new option activated to Show apps in the taskbar.

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    18:30] Telling if a machine has Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.1 Update 1

    You can detect this by parsing the BuildLabEx value. If the 2nd number is larger compared to 17031 you have the Update installed.

    reg query "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion" | findstr BuildLabEx

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    Thanks Andre

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    [00:56] Windows To Go in the workplace as a diagnostic environment, licensing terms 


    you can use this cool Project and use the 90day Trial as source:

    it creates a live Windows with full Explorer UI

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