Defrag: Moving Page File, Recovering Encrypted Files, Missing User Account

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    According to the Windows internals book the pagefile size is calculated this way:

    System Memory Size    Minimum Page File Size    Maximum Page File Size
    < 1 GB                         1.5 * RAM Size                3 * RAM Size
    >= 1 GB                       1 * RAM Size                   3 * RAM Size

    To debug the calc.exe issue the user should run ProcMon ad log the tries to start calc.exe and zip the saved PML and send it to your email address.

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    So I can use a none retail media to install an oem? I realy don't want to use my recovery disk cause it's bloated with .... not so good ..... applications..

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    2 Notes:

    1) The computer can wake up from hibernate. For several years I had a computer that had to have sleep disabled because after waking up the computer would crash within a few minutes. I would use hibernate only instead. My computer would come out of hibernate to record TV shows when scheduled. I did this for a few years, recording thousands of shows, so I know this works.

    [a note on my sleep crash problem. I thought it was the video card. Sadly, after replacing it, it still crashed. Probably a motherboard problem. Still, the mother board/cpu lasted for 5 years of 10% overclocking before it finally died. After disasembly I discovered the motherboard had a bulge/warp surrounding the cpu location, a pentium 4 w/ HT. Like Larry, I also put together my own desktop computers, starting with the pentium era. Unlike Larry, I skipped right past the 286, going from a 8088 to a 80386 Smiley ]

    2) I don't think you can disable accounts on Home Premium. I don't know what the viewer with the question was using.

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    @Capitan: I have used a retail upgrade media on a laptop that originally had oem, after it became unfixable (I think an inadvertently installed virus) and I did not have the original oem software (my sisters laptop). Using the oem key located on the bottom of the laptop was good enough to get it all working. Of course there was no oem installed software, but I think a lot of it was available to download afterwards anyway, if my sister wanted any of it.

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    Concerning the issue with the calculator, I've noticed this "issue" as well, but only on my home computer, which I use Microsoft Wireless Photo Keyboard model 1027.  When I originally got the keyboard some years ago, pressing the calculator button multiple times resulted in multiple instances of the calculator.  Sometime I believe beginning with Windows 7, windows update for the keyboard drivers also included installing the IntelliType software.  About the third or forth time Windows Update updated IntelliType, pressing the calculator button would instead bring to focus the oldest currently running instance of calculator (which I prefer, as I would sometimes end up with 20 unnecessary calulator windows open that I would have to later close).

    At work I have a Logitech keyboard, and pressing the calculator button multiple times results in multiple calculators.  The only difference I can really tell is at home I have Windows 7 Pro 64bit with IntelliType software installed, at work I have Windows 7 Pro 32bit using keyboard drivers and builtin OS input software.

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    I'm a huge fan of defrag, and there is one thing I've been wanting to post for a while.

    Both Gov and Larry talk quite, which is ok, since I can just turn the volume up, and I don't expect in million years they would go super hyper mode like L Foy. (in which case I have to turn the volume down a bit Smiley


    But the problam w/ turning the volume up to listen to the voice louder is that the title song for Defrag is now way too loud.

    One day I was watching the show in a car and my dad was driving.

    and I hooked my phone to speakers so that I can hear better,

    and when the show was ever, the title song played which has scratchy sound and my dad thought he was literally scratching the car against another car.

    this wouldn't have happened if you guys could normalize the volume a bit.

    No, i don't want gov or larry to talk louder, and i don't want you to change the title song.

    But can you please adjust to volume a bit so that my dad can drive safer?




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