Defrag 001: Startup Slow Downs, Can't Boot, Blue Screens, Homegroup, IE Logins

Play Defrag 001: Startup Slow Downs, Can't Boot, Blue Screens, Homegroup, IE Logins

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    to diagnostic boot and shutdoen slowness, use xbootmgr instead. I wrote a guide here:

    And with Superfetch/ReadyBoot Windows doesn't really slowdown.

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    Is this roughly a replacement for that unsuccessful show you guys tried to make with Chris Pirillo?

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    @dentaku: What are you talking about? They totally succeeded in making that unsuccessful show. Was it ill-conceived? Possibly. The biggest problem is that niners are an eccentric bunch. We open tickets on connect and they get closed, often by reason of design. These aren't problems that you can fix with a call-in show.

    That said, I would like my BSOD-when-I-run-the-VS2008-profiler-on-an-app-running-in-the-Windows-Mobile-6.5-emulator bug fixed.


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    Donald Adams

    I did a Disk2VHD v1.62 backup of my notebook with Fix HAL option checked.  The OS(WinXP) is on D:\. After bios boots, I just see a black screen.. Even in safe mode after it flashes some drivers loading.  I tried to log the boot sequence but didn't see any files save to the file system.  I gave up trying, but now my notebook stopped working and would like to be able to boot into the backup that I created.  I suspect that some Acer specific drivers may be stopping it from continuing the boot.   What can I do?

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    Microsoft Media Center cable TV guide stopped updating.  It worked for several months, stopped updating about 3 months ago.  I called the provider and asked if they had changed anything and they say they have not.

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    Maybe you can elaborate a bit on the "file/folder/device is in use issue" that plagues Windows. I expercience it for example when I try to compact folders in Outlook Express in Windows XP SP3 (yes we still use it here :) or when I play a wmv from a memory stick with Windows Media Player. When I try to remove the stick, Explorer tells me it can't because the device is still in use. (And yes, I closed Windows Media Player)
    Any solutions to this or any tools to find out which program is still 'using' these files.

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    I have a question regarding drivers and Windows update. Many manufactures updates their drivers now and then. Most of theese updates are not aviable on Windows Update. Therefore, other services and sites such as driveragent and exist. In most cases, theese sites contains the latest drivers for your hardware such as graphics cards, controllers, etc. After re-formating my PC, I can use a long time finding those drivers to optimize my system. It would be a lot easier for me and end-users to have the updated drivers automatically installed from Windows Update. How came they don't get published on Windows Update?

    And on some computers (Windows 7), they use a long time shutting down. Sometimes up to three minutes. Why does Windows use so long time shutting down? Why can't it just shut down like other OSes do such as Linux and OSX?

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    And on some computers (Windows 7), they use a long time shutting down. Sometimes up to three minutes. Why does Windows use so long time shutting down?
    make the xbootmgr shutdown trace I linked, register there and upload the etl. I can look at it and tell you the cause.

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    1. Microsoft Office Trial is the first thing i remove to make the computer faster
    2. All crappy browser toolbars ex Bing toolbar REALLY slows down the browser
    3. Live companion is another thing
    the list is so long :(

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    Great to see Defrag arrive on 9!!

    A few questions for Gov:


    1) Why does Windows 7 take so long to determine a user has entered the wrong session log in account password when the machine is not domain-joined (I assume in the doamin joined case, Windows tries to authenticate on the domain and waits for the network auth request to time out?)?

    2) Windows 7 reliably drops my home WiFi connection. My home router is dropped from the list of available networks, so the connection is dropped. Over time, it reappears or I run the network diagnostics wizard and it generally solves the problem - resets the adapter, etc. This happens across PCs running W7 Ultimate and Home Premium  (HP G62 and Sony Vaio). My WP7 devices do not experience this nor does my iPhone when connected to my home WiFi network. Thus, my assumption is that this issue is with Windows 7 and not my WiFi router.

    Thanks for doing this show, guys.


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    Thanks for the questions, everyone. We'll be shooting our next show on on the 14th to run two weeks from this one. We hope to get on a weekly schedule after that.

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    any tools to find out which program is still 'using' these files.


    Process Explorer -> Find Handle

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    The BEST way to use Autoruns is with "File->Compare". Step 1: Open and "File->Save" with the date in the file name. Do this as soon as possible before you have a problem, after a fresh install of Windows or it can be the first thing you do with a new computer. Then every so often open Autoruns and "File->Compare" to the saved copy, you will see everything that is new will be highlighted since your last "File->Save". If everything looks good "File->Save" with the current date as part of the file name and you can keep excellent track of your system! Hope this helps Smiley

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    In some websites I can't view pdf files I think it's something to do with IE9, not so likley to be Acrobat as that was there before.

    Any sugestions on how to fix it?

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    got some for ya Smiley

    * jumplist for [windows] explorer stopps working all of a sudden (seems to be related to networks drives)

    *media center refuse to list any folder except one. media files shows up in both remote media player and using the xbox video player, but not using media center on the xbox or local/remote pcs

    *sometimes accessing our network shares is very slow, this also seems to apply to logins presumably because GPOs are beeing read from a share. this applies to all computers on the network but some worse than others. the problems go away when the server (also acting as the dc) is restarted. from what i can tell the clients are trying to talk to something, then times out, them talks to the correct server, but i havent been able to identify what that is.


    also, note on autoruns. its a very very powerful tool, but beware, if you remove the wrong stuff like anything with the .sys extension you might not be able to boot, i did that to my machine a few days ago and i'd bluescreen even when going into safe mode Smiley

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    I have also got some questions about bugs I have been unable to pinpoint/fix.

    1) Windows Live Messenger sometimes logs me in and does not show any of my contacts online. If I login to another machine or webmessenger I do see contacts online. I also sometimes appear offline to others while I am clearly online from my point of view.

    2) Windows Media Center refuses to show all files I included in the 'Video' library although it is shared (read and write) for the entire homegroup. Some folders are on the pc's internal hd, others in folders on external hard drives.

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    hi great disussions, Larry you do a great job asking good questions. One problem with the Channel9 site for me in Australia, down under 16 hrs time zone diff to the USA.
    The stream is really slow, I have the fastest broadband here, with no problems with local site downloads. Yet if i stream the buffer hops in every minute or so To down load the WMV is also real slow , only from your site :-)

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    I would like to know what are some of the most complex problems Gov has encountered... So far I would consider these tips good but 'common knowledge'.  I'm looking for 'Case of the Unexplained' type stuff. I would like to hear real enterprise customer issues and resolutions...

    One thing I ran into this week: I started a new job; first thing I installed IE9 RC on the machine and found that when say 'open link in new tab' the full URL wouldn't get copied to the new tab and it would say 'Connecting...' but wouldn't actually load.  It turns out that the problem actually pre-existed in IE8 and was related to a dll not being registered in the correct order. - Once I solved that I couldn't figure out why I couldn't do searches from the address bar. In the Mange Addons > Search providers section the  "search from address bar" for was greyed out for all search engines. It turns out this was coming from a group policy which was originally designed for previous releases of IE; it would be nice if a tooltip would atleast say why it was greyed out ("Administrator has disabled this option"?)...


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    I have a question for which I didn't find a solution so far. My PC (Windows 7 Home Premium) some times gets in a state where a keypress behaves as if you had pressed the windows key at the time pressing the key. Example: I press the letter 'E', and then the windows explorer opens because the computer acts like I had pressed Windows-E. I must terminate the state by pressing the Windows key two times in sequence.

    Maybe important to say is that I work a lot with Terminal Sessions (more than one is open at the same time) and I do very few things on my 'physical' PC itself. The environments of the terminal sessions are itself virtualized (Hyper-V). I think it has to do with these terminal sessions, but I am not sure.

    I would like to know what can be done so that this strange state never appears again. Thanks, Lorenz.

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    Try this defrag tool, it might be helpful!

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    @tom : AS an expat Ozzie who now works in the mothership, I remember your pain.  The network latency is the major issue.  Although WinVista & Win7 try to fix this, I found that hardcoding the TCP Receive Window to the max (1Mb) helped a huge amount.


    I'd still resort to downloading the High WMV and watching it offline, but at least the ownload will be ~4x faster.

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    @tom : Can you do a tracert to"> ? I am curious what paths you are taking, and where the latency may be. Thanks

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    Wanted to get this out there for this show... we have an email address for the show: It would be great for some of the more detailed questions to come here because we may need to have a deeper discussion about the issues you may be having... thanks!

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