Defrag: Adding MicroSD to Libraries, Multiboot PCs, Win8 Mail App

Play Defrag: Adding MicroSD to Libraries, Multiboot PCs, Win8 Mail App

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    Yakko Warner

    The requirement on SLAT is hyper-annoying.  Although my laptop will run VirtualBox and run full operating systems in there (and VirtualPC when I was running Windows 7 on the same hardware), I cannot, for instance, do Windows Phone 8 development, as the phone emulator depends on Hyper-V and my BIOS apparently does not support SLAT.  (And yet, when I was running Win7, Visual Studio had no problem letting me run the Windows Phone 7 emulator on the same hardware.)


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    Re colour inversion for low light: would be nice if all computers had it but some computers (Mac Book Pro from a few years ago with lit keyboard in low light environment comes to mind) especially laptops adjust light level based on ambient lighting coditions. Would be nice if there was a way to piggyback off that and rather than just dimming the screen you could trigger colour inversion. How cool would it be to be working in a office only lit by daylight and have your screen and keyboard back-lighting kick on like streetlights?

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    Great show, as always!

    I sent you a question (by email) some weeks ago about usable memory in Windows which I believe has not yet been answered. Is the answer to my question in the queue, or is it completely forgotten?

    I found some bits of info on the web but I would like an official answer, your answer.

    Thank you very much.

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    Great show!  I got a few great tips from the show this week.
    The magnifier color inversion is awesome. 
    By the way the magnifier shortcut is: <Windows key> & <+ key>

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    no new show

    no new show?

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    Yeah, what the heck, where's the new show?

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