Defrag: All Cores Vs. Parked Cores, Split-Tunnel VPN, Boosting Volume

Play Defrag: All Cores Vs. Parked Cores, Split-Tunnel VPN, Boosting Volume

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    Welcome Back Gov,"tree hugger Tongue Out  How come you never mentioned the custom refresh option in windows 8 where you can make your own custom refresh.wim that you can restore without losing your desktop applications, (if you make the custom refresh with them already installed.)  What I did after installing Windows 8 Pro, all available updates and all of the programs and applications that I need to use on a daily basis, (along with my files) I create a custom refresh.wim and then if I ever have a problem I can refresh the pc back to my own custom baseline wim image.  It is a great tip that many people do not know how to do.

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    @s3curityConsult: It is indeed a great tip. RecoveryDrive.exe helps you here.

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    Re: remoting over the Internet [09:30], a bit more helpful than saying “See that other episode we did” is linking to it.

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    Re split tunneling: Using a 3rd party VPN like ExpressVPN can work, you just have to configure what will not go through it. Here's the website for more info: ( Their tech support is pretty great, contact them to help you sort through the configuration.

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