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    While at TechEd, I spoke with someone in the MS Learning group about the retirement of 70-660, and she said that currently there are no plans to update the certification. She also said that there is a push to reduce the number of exams and certifications. So, unless the product group is interested in funding it, 70-660 will not be upgraded.

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    Yes you can install an OS from iso.
    Hyper-V and the arguably better VirtualBox support the mounting of an iso directly in the virtual dvd-rom. Don't forget to unmount it once the os is installed otherwise it may always reboot from dvd.

    I'm using FreeBSD 9.1 and opensuse 12 without problems.

    Originally I was using WiVndows's 8 Hyper-V but the lack of support for sound and usb was a big turnoff so I switched to VirtualBox.


    That's where I discovered that it is either Hyper-V or VirtualBox you can't have both at the same time. In fact it is not enough to stop Hyper-V's services, one has to uninstall it (turn Windows feature on or off) from the machine (and reboot 1 or 2 times in the process). Don't worry you can reinstall it if you want.


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    Mike Greenway

    Useful information and fun to watch. Absolutely the greatest show on earth. Thank You Both.  

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    [07:00] - Can you install an OS from an .iso file when booting to a VHD?

    there is a 3rd party tool which offers VHD support for Linux:

    But it is buggy and the support is terrible.

    For Windows 8 you can use this powershell script to convert an ISO into a VHD and add it to Bootmanager with BCDedit.



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    This is a nice ramdisk software that can use more than 4gb.

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    @Brian: I'm working with MS Leaning on the future of the exam (ever since the Defrag Tools episode aired). There are a few options being looked at - hopefully will have something to say about it in the next month or so. It won't be a MCP style exam going forward due to budget constraints.

    Since the exam is used heavily within Microsoft Support, support is driving the future of it, rather than a PG.

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    question:how come when I use default w8 64 bit setting for timer (hpet I believe (whatever ms set it as default)it is always worst then invariant tsc ?I tried to use ms way but gees the graphic and sound timing is so awfull compared to invariant tsc that I was like nvm that I ll stick to intel way instead!is this working as intended or it is a left hand not speaking to right hand problem at ms (as is often the case these days for some weird reason!ty for info!

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    DataRam Ramdisk supports more than 4 GB for a ram disk, you just have to purchase a version as the free only supports 4 GB.  I currently purchased this, and have on it some games (DayZ mods) so that when loading into a DayZ game / server it loads super fast (From Ram).  You can also swap out disks and drive "images" so you can use it for various things.

    Since it's data that doesn't change, the Dataram Ramdisk is great as it saves the RAM to hard drive, so once you install it you just reboot once and then it's good to go next reboot or even if power goes out.  I currently have 32 gigs of RAM so during games I only need 6 for the OS and games so I can use a good bit of the rest in a RAM drive, and then I also use it for rendering videos and video editing.  It works wonderfully for that.

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    [07:00] - Can you install an OS from an .iso file when booting to a VHD?

    I can't imagine HyperV has any problems with Linux, but if it does, use VirtualBox (as cedricmi mentioned), once you've created your VM you can clone it to a VHD if you wish then attach that in HyperV. VirtualBox is free.

    Personally I like VirtualBox because of the clipboard sync and ease of use given my keyboard doesn't contain a pause/break key that HyperV needs for certain shortcuts.

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    @cedricmi: +1 for VirtualBox

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