Defrag: Best drivers, Hide from Alt-Tab, Cloning HDD

Play Defrag: Best drivers, Hide from Alt-Tab, Cloning HDD

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    I suspect the stuck Windows key is a bug.

    I've had this happen. I've seen people at work have it happen. And a family member and a couple of friends have had this problem. It's always the Windows key. It's not the ALT, Fn, or any other key.

    The problem has always been resolved by just pressing the Windows button.

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    Idea for a show, Have Mr. Orange  go into detail into some of the folders in the Windows directory, especially WinSXS, the Assembly (GAC), CSC folder, and the Panther directory. Also the catroot in the system 32 folder.  I think that would be a great show. 

    peace james

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    I'm not sure if there's a reason this wasn't mentioned, but you can change user environment variables permanently. Go to the System Properties window, Advanced System Settings, and click "Environment Variables."

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