Defrag: CEO Changes, Pinning Sites, Form Factor Via CMD

Play Defrag: CEO Changes, Pinning Sites, Form Factor Via CMD

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    Reguarding the pinning of tabs, the idea isn't quick access to favorites. It's keeping the "app-like" sites like facebook and easy to switch back to and find. In ff or chrome you can split things into pinned sites and transient pages. In IE each pinned site is it's own thing, hence creating the clutter. Albeit, I try to keep only a handful of sites pinned. So maybe it's not that cluttered. I didn't even find the pin feature in chrome for quite awhile so perhaps they aren't too essential.

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    J Allard and Larry sitting in a tree...

    Come on, man! Smiley


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    Its interesting now to watch videos where we were able to follow the mouse and copy.

    Now you have these new keyboard only shortcuts. Why not call out keyboard key strokes your doing. I mean everything just pops up now like magic.


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    You can also pin a site to the Start screen from desktop IE ("gear button" -> "Add site to Start screen"), and then when you click on the tile it will open in the desktop browser in "application mode", where it will act just like it would if you'd pinned it to the taskbar, with a separate icon that lasts as long as the window stays open.

    So instead of cluttering your taskbar you can get the same app-like behavior by cluttering your Start screen instead (which has a lot more space, at the cost of requiring more of a context switch to access). Apparently this is so obscure that Gov doesn't know about it Smiley I think you can do this with the Start menu on Windows 7 as well.

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    @Rukur: Ha! Ok, I'll try to have him call out shortcuts like we do with TLA's (three letter acronyms). 

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    [09:42] -  Search in Windows Explorer not finding files. 

    don't use this buggy Windows search. Use fast third party tools like or



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    The auto update errors and lack of updates working is endemic. If you guys can't figure it out - how in the h&*& would you expect the average user? Another reason people are making the jump away from windows.

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    David Garbacz

    Larry I think misread my question, but there are some good comments here.

    I was wanting to know in IE if there was a way to leave a tab open in the tab bar, but not having it take up the width of the tab bar by "pinning" it (like Chrome or Firefox) and just having the favicon visible while leaving the tab open.

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    I will check out your audio file manager tips, but it will be hard to beat the free, no-nag, donation-ware Mp3Tag.

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