Defrag: CMD Line Wifi, Autologin Method, Bugcheck Troubleshooting

Play Defrag: CMD Line Wifi, Autologin Method, Bugcheck Troubleshooting

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    [05:04] - Troubleshooting Bugcheck: 0x00000116

    Updating the driver often doesn't fix it  Crying

    But that real issue is that we can't debug it because the TDR recovery context data are not available in the public symbols you get from the MS symbol server. Any plans to include this data in the Win8 PDBs? Angel

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    Hello you can just hit:

    Windows Key + L

    To lock a computer!

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    @Algorithum:  The question was booting, logging-in and then having a locked screen - without being at the computer.  This was so their startup programs ran while they walked away to get a coffee after they powered on the PC.  

    Agreed, Win-L is definitely the easiest way to lock the computer if you are still at the machine.

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    Just to throw in one other option if you happen to have the Sysinternals suite and don't have the required rundll32 parameters committed to memory, you can also use "psshutdown.exe -L" to lock the workstation from your autorun location of choice.  (Probably ought to also include the -accepteula switch to avoid the 'accept agreement' dialog from popping up too).

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    Good tip Brian! Forgot about that switch. And yes, accepteula is definitely wise so that the lock works straight away instead if the Eula dialog leaving the desktop unlocked. 

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    I download windows 8 but I cannot look at any video. I try to download flash but it said conflict with the two ie. How can look at the video or get the latest flash.

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