Defrag: Change Pinned Sites Icons, Laptop WiFi Router, Full Path for File

Play Defrag: Change Pinned Sites Icons, Laptop WiFi Router, Full Path for File
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Microsoft tech troubleshooter extraordinaire Gov Maharaj and I help walk you through troubleshooting solutions to your tech support problems. If you have a problem you want to send us, you can use the Problem Step Recorder in Windows 7 (see this for details on how) and send us the zip file to We will also be checking comments for problems, but the email address will let us contact you if needed.

[01:40] - Using D2D with Windows 7 on restore.
[04:36] - Closed laptop during updates, now PC hangs.
[07:38] - Are RAM cleaners helpful or unneeded?
[09:37] - Silverlight in a nutshell. [mentioned link]
[12:26] - Getting the full path for a given file.
[13:35] - Can you change the icon for a TaskBar pinned site.
[17:47] - Using a laptop as a WiFi router.
[20:09] - Showing custom wallpaper on lock screen.* [Gov notes below]
[21:35] - How to rotate screen easily.
[27:00] - Admin rights for removing icons in Start Menu.
[29:35] - Pick of the Week: Visual Studio Achievements.
[32:17] - Pick of the Week: Privacy Day [link]

* Following are Gov's First of all, create a DWORD value named OEMBackground in the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI\Background key, and set its value to 1 (You can delete the value if you want to restore the settings). Then, create a folder named backgrounds in the path %windir%\system32\oobe\info.
At last, copy the JPG files according to your monitor's resolution. For example,
   backgroundDefault.jpg (MUST-HAVE)
All the images must be less than 256kb in size. If you are using a resolution that is not provided in the image file, system will display backgroundDefault.jpg.



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