Defrag: DVDs sans Sound, Disable Snapping, Watch Mon for Folders

Play Defrag: DVDs sans Sound, Disable Snapping, Watch Mon for Folders

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    [00:33] - BSOD on Windows 8 with driver power state failure.

    I've also seen a lot of ATAPI (IDE drives, SD/MMC card) reader crashes. Here is a nice Guide to debug the 0x9F crashes:


    [04:09] - After a Win 8 upgrade, recorded TV and DVD's have no sound.

    the FixIts are not linked. Also if the user bought the cheap Win8 upgrade,doing a clean install is no option because you don't allow a clean install (it still works with a registry hack).


    [08:13] - Disabling windows snapping.  

    In a Win7 pre-release version I was able to disable it for mouse but keep the keyboard combination. Why was this removed in the Win7 RTM? Changing the mouse option also disables snapping via keyboard.

    [09:03] - Uninstalled NVidia driver, Windows installed standard driver.

    installing a new driver on top causes a growing WinSxS folder (driver repository) and users with small SSD drives don't want to waste several gigs for old drivers. And the drivers offered on Windows Update lack a lot of functionality (OpenGL, control software, HDMI drivers and many more)

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    Philip Saunders

    Emails on folder changes or network shares as you put it would be nice

    Macs have folder actions and I love it

    I use it in my company dally put the sales report in a folder and email trigger is sent automatically no need to send email with attachment where maybe half don't read the email but still take up disk space and save time not having to send email lol

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    Many of the PowerDVD versions that shipped with Windows 7 aren't compatible with Windows 8.  After you get whatever you have installed properly, go here -> to verify compatibility with Windows 8.  They have some free updates for some versions, and "paid for" updates for others.

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    Rather than removing the Recovery partition, suppose I upgraded to Windows 8 from Windows 7 and I want to create a Windows 8 Recovery partition. How would I go about that?

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