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    Thanks, Gov. I'm the one that submitted the white pixel bug and this helped.

    Also, worth mentioning the dot isn't solid white. It doesn't appear when using a non-composited theme, and it takes the window border properties of your current theme when using any Aero theme. It will also appear when Transparency is enabled; it's simply not as noticeable because the dot is slightly transparent due to reasons just mentioned.


    (PS: Yes, the dot is in the screenshot. You didn't look close enough. Cool )

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    It's too late to pull back the Metro name; it will always be Metro to me. Plus, the design language is still called Metro on the phone. Plus pt 2, calling it the Windows 8 design language is not a good idea. "Metro" divorced the ui language from the product which was nice. If you don't *really* change it for Windows 9 you'll be stuck. The "Windows 8 UI Language for Windows 9" doesn't really roll off the tongue.

    Good tip about removing the searches. Thanks Larry!

    Did Bing it On a few days ago and it was a draw. Don't remember my search terms so I tried it again using searches from my history to remove expectation bias.

    This time: Google

    1. msdn GetPackageId : Bing
    2. Norman Gorlaug : Draw
    3. Morningstar Bacon : Google
    4. nbtstat : Google
    5. Vancouver Wa thai food : Google

    Such a small sample doesn't mean much and honestly the top result on each page was close to if not the one that was dark blue. I think on some I picked the side that presented different types of media (pics + text + youtube) hits.

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    Bingiton is not available in my region. The link redirects me to :(

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    The AppData\Local folder has a Location tab in its properties. What are the pro's and con's of using that to relocate the folder? 

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    [07:44] - How to remove a file association rather than change.

    use this tool for any kind of file association changes:

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    [19:30] - Pick of the Week - Bing It On [link]

    doesn't work in Germany.

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    post deleted...

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