Defrag: Delayed Loading on Startup, Can't Boot From USB, Defrag Tools

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    When I read "Delayed Loading on Startup" I was hoping for a solution of how to disable this on Windows 8 CP. Windows is installed on an SSD. With Win7 right after logon and ctrl+shift+esc I used to see CPU spiking at 100% and droping down right after all apps are loaded. Win8 completely different story on same hardware. There is 5-10s pause after logon and only then apps are loaded. Task manager doesn't show that either CPU or disk would be maxed out. Seems like Win8 just wants to tease me :/ Any ideas how to solve that? By the way these apps that are now delayed have shortcuts in Startup folder in start menu.

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    Gather the Boot Logging PML file and email the show ( - we'll organize a large file upload site for the file transfer.

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    Vern Anderson

    On the USB boot question many OEMs have a SATA function seting for AHCI to boot a DELL from a live CD or USB boot you need to change that to ATA operation. But remember to change it back or your C: drive won't boot.

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    Yet another great show. I was particularly interested in the relative links in Excel. Can this be extended to Connectionstrings? I have an Excel workbook which links to a master table using Microsoft Query. I would like to move the two workbooks to another folder or computer (both files in the same folder) but I have had no luck with the relative addressing in the Connectionstring. Any suggestions please?

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    [09:26] - Process Explorer displaying Chinese font.

    what often helps is to delete the ProcExp settings in the registry. But please backup the settings by exporting them into a .reg file. mark looks for such broken configs.

    [22:51] - How to delay loading apps on startup.

    but, better check with xbootmgr/xperfview which tools causes which delays (CPU, disk IO) to look for updates alternatives.

    xbootmgr can also optimize the boot by optimizing the Cache mentioned by Andrew. google for it.

    27:20] - PC unable to boot from USB thumbdrive.

    use this bootloader:

    you can also try "Enable USB legacy support" in the BIOS, this was required to boot from USB stick on a laptop I've used some weeks ago.

    [34:04] - How to disable Aero Snap.

    in the Win7 Beta the setting for mouse and keyboard are separated from each other. So I could turn off Aero snap with mouse but keep it when using keyboard. Why was this removed and can it be added back?

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