Defrag: Deprecated HW, Deleted Partition, Disabling Right Click Animation

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    Vern Anderson

    On the write cache tip, wouldn't a laptop be an example of where a sudden powerloss would be less of a concern since it's internal battery is more or less a buffer for when AC power suddenly goes away?

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    When you use the Favorites Menu (the one in the Menu Bar, not the one with the little star icon in the top right) it does disappear after you right-click/delete an item.
    I can't say this annoys me because I rarely delete stuff from it but I've always preferred that favorites menu over the one in the top right corner.

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    What is the way if I have a partition less then 8 GB (on the hard-disk and can't create new partition using it or nor I can allot it to my current partition).

    I have solved it when I reinstall it I make single partition but what is the proper way to solve this issue.


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    Is there anyway to manage (delete/change/reorder) the saved wireless network configurations in Windows 8 like in Windows 7?

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    Yakko Warner

    One of the reasons I got a MS Cordless Phone was because I was looking for an updated version of Microsoft Phone.  This was a piece of software I got with my Creative Labs Phone Blaster card -- a very large ISA add-in card that combined a sound card with a modem.  (I remember having to reserve three different IRQs and two DMA channels, set with jumpers on the card.  Good times.)  The Microsoft Phone software (running on Windows 95) would do all the voice mail stuff, and it would use your default MAPI mail store to hold your voice mail messages (with the "from" address containing the name that appeared on Caller ID).  You could call in remotely, enter your access code, and play back voice mail messages, and it would use text-to-speech to read the Caller ID info with the message.

    The coolest feature, though, was that it would not only play back voice messages, but using the text-to-speech feature, it would read your email messages.  I showed this feature off to one of my co-workers, and as soon as she realized what was happening, her jaw hit the floor.

    Of course, this was back in 1996.  These days, it's fairly mundane.  Back then, too, e-mail was closer to snail mail in that messages were something that were sent when they were important, and someone would put some thought into it.  With so much spam email and forwarded messages and mailing lists and half-thought dashed-off emails, I'm not sure I'd want to use my phone and call and have all of that read to me.  With smart phones and web-based email, though, it's not really an issue -- it's pretty easy just to log in and check the text email.

    As for the cordless phone, I remember keeping an old PC running Windows 98 just to power the phone.  I wouldn't dream of running a virtual PC on the hardware I had then.

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    Is there anyway to manage (delete/change/reorder) the saved wireless network configurations in Windows 8 like in Windows 7?

    Use this tool:

    WiFi Profile Manager 8: View Preferred Wireless Network Profiles in Windows 8

    Wifi Profile Manager 8 1 WiFi Profile Manager 8: View Preferred Wireless Network Profiles in Windows 8


    [13:50] - Is there a way to make Snipping Tool in Win8 active on launch.

    In the DP, the tools uses this behavior and because of the switch between Metro and desktop you always had a strange picture which shows half of the animation when you switch between metro and desktop. I think it was changed because of this issue.

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    Jeff Klawiter

    The Reliability Monitor is a good way to see any msi packages that have been uninstalled. It aggregates information from the Event Log into an easier to consume interface for installs, uninstalls, errors and warnings.

    It can be found at "Control Panel\System and Security\Action Center\Reliability Monitor"

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    This seems like the perfect place to ask this question. Why is restoring a system image so incredibly slow? What is it doing? I barely see the hard drive light come on. I'm at about 25% after five hours. The image is about 95GB. Creating the image took only 40 minutes or so. New hard drive is a 256GB ssd.

    At least I have time to watch all the old episodes waiting for this to finish.

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    As far as the Ubuntu problem, Try this free program from Neosmart Technologies called EasyBCD. I just used it yesterday because i had the same problem, it lets you create the ubuntu entry in the BCD, then I used this article for setting it to the correct loader file for Ubuntu.  This was for Wubi, but you can do the same thing if you have a regular Ubuntu partition as well.

    edit: i thought you lost your bootloader, thats what it sounded like when i watched the show, now that i read the notes, this may or may not help. good luck

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