Defrag: Drive usage over time, Search Charms, On-screen keyboard tips and more

Play Defrag: Drive usage over time, Search Charms, On-screen keyboard tips and more
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Microsoft tech troubleshooter extraordinaire Gov Maharaj and I help walk you through troubleshooting solutions to your tech support problems. If you have a problem you want to send us, you can use the Problem Step Recorder in Windows 7 (see this for details on how) and send us the zip file to We will also be checking comments for problems, but the email address will let us contact you if needed.

[05:03] Gov's Drive Usage Tips (Disk Footprint tool, dfp.exe

[08:06] Windows 8.x Search Charm and on-screen keyboard behavior
[08:32] Is there a native way to add folders to 'This PC' under Windows 8.1?
[08:48] Determining if an IE Search Accelerator was release by Microsoft or not? (link)
[09:28] Is it possible to change the default application that opens for the Surface Pro 3 Pen Click?
[09:40] Turbo/Compressed Mode for Desktop Web Browsers?
[12:55] Is there a way to find the ram type(DDR2/DDR3) of the system using command prompt?
[14:41] Accessing Windows 8.x emoji without using the on-screen keyboard (link)

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The Discussion

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    I was a bit dissatisfied with Gov's "No" to whether you could change the default application opened with the SP3 pen click, so I poked at it briefly. Some context!

    Watching in Procmon, Explorer loaded lockscreecn.dll just before OneNote was launched. LockScreenCN seems to represent Lock Screen Click Note given a CLockScreenClickNote class visible via strings. And unfortunately for those looking to change the app opened, it further has dedicated functions like 'IsOneNoteInstalled' and a strings like 'Microsoft.Office.OneNote_8wekyb3d8bbwe!Microsoft.OneNoteIm', where the part before the ! matched a registry key Explorer then read where modern app package info was stored, and where the part after the ! matched the onenoteim.exe process that then spawned. 

    Not sure if you can hijack the launching of onenoteim.exe; a quick test with IFEO was enough to break launching OneNote but not enough to actually launch the app I set as a debugger. I haven't played further with modern apps to properly explore this.

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    it is possible to change the function of the SP3 pen using a 3rd party tool. search youtube for "customizing surface pro 3 pen"

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