Defrag: Drive usage over time, Search Charms, On-screen keyboard tips and more

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    I was a bit dissatisfied with Gov's "No" to whether you could change the default application opened with the SP3 pen click, so I poked at it briefly. Some context!

    Watching in Procmon, Explorer loaded lockscreecn.dll just before OneNote was launched. LockScreenCN seems to represent Lock Screen Click Note given a CLockScreenClickNote class visible via strings. And unfortunately for those looking to change the app opened, it further has dedicated functions like 'IsOneNoteInstalled' and a strings like 'Microsoft.Office.OneNote_8wekyb3d8bbwe!Microsoft.OneNoteIm', where the part before the ! matched a registry key Explorer then read where modern app package info was stored, and where the part after the ! matched the onenoteim.exe process that then spawned. 

    Not sure if you can hijack the launching of onenoteim.exe; a quick test with IFEO was enough to break launching OneNote but not enough to actually launch the app I set as a debugger. I haven't played further with modern apps to properly explore this.

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    it is possible to change the function of the SP3 pen using a 3rd party tool. search youtube for "customizing surface pro 3 pen"

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