Defrag: Ejecting USB devices, Game stopping Windows Button, Getting MKV File Thumbnails

Play Defrag: Ejecting USB devices, Game stopping Windows Button, Getting MKV File Thumbnails

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    The DivX Plugin for MKV preview sucks. It doesn't work with MKV with VC-1.

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    A few MoCA tips:-

    • Each node is limited to 100Mbit and shares the 270Mbit backbone.
    • You can route TV or Internet Cable through the box.
    • If you plug each MoCA in to a WiFi router in each room, you get multiple 100BaseT connections and also make a faster WiFi backbone for your house (e.g. 402.11b to the local router, and 100Mbit to the MoCA near the cable box, and then cable speed to the internet)
    • The MoCA network you make is encrypted so no worry about broadcasting your data down the street.
    • All the cable points need to be interconnected with no filter or amplifier inline.  The frequency around ~1.4Ghz (from memory), so you'll need a 2.2Ghz splitter block (the more expensive ones, the cheap ones end at 1.2Ghz). A 5 way splitter (for the 1 cable in from the street and 4 MoCA devices) is only about $9.
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    Perfect length! Smiley


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    [48:12] - Is it possible to not have to log into Windows 7 but still have a lock screen password?

    The functionality is built-in, no need for extra tools, it's the Advanced User Accounts controlpanel, which is hidden, so it must be started with the command (just type it in the start menu search field and hit enter): control userpasswords2

    Full guide here:

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    I'm a man of action.

    When I need to pull out my usb drive I make sure the lights are not blinking and then I yank it. It's only corrupted a drive once but I had it backed up so no big deal.  Life's too short to worry about safe removal imo.

    Edit: Logitech gaming keyboard has a switch that lets you turn off the win key, which is nice.

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    17:18] - Is it possible to shrink size of WinSXS folder?

    Yes. If you installed the Windows 7 Sp1, run this:

    DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /spsuperseded

    to remove the older RTM files. After you did this you can't uninstall the Sp1.

    To save space you can also uninstall superseded updates. At each patchday I check the technet page and look which older updates are replaced and remove the old updates to keep my WinSxS folder as small as possible.

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    That was a great episode. I didn't know about MoCA either.
    Audio over networks sounds interesting. I now it's done professionally  but it's not something many people need. I send MIDI data over networks using UDP but that's not audio. (I wish more people understood that MIDI has nothing to do with audio Smiley
    There must be a free way of sending audio with TCP or UDP.

    What about using Shoutcast?

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    I often use to identify a VID or PID. The database isn't completely solid, but I can generally get a good idea of where to start.

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