Defrag: Elevated App, Turning off Tabbed Browsing, Win 8.1 RTM

Play Defrag: Elevated App, Turning off Tabbed Browsing, Win 8.1 RTM

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    GPO = Group Policy Object (wikipedia)

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    As far as the ProcDump "hack", I think Raymond Chen has a phrase for it:

    "It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway"

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    @uus831: Send me your address and I'll get you a Channel 9 guy. Thanks

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    [05:11] - Seeing a watermark for Secure Boot in Windows.

    thanks for answering.

    [16:50] - Pick of the Week: Larry's PC upgrade.

    I never heard about roswill. I only use "Enermax" or "be quiet!". You don't need the fastest RAM. The difference is really small until you use the integrated GPU.

    I hope you get the C2 version of the board. the first revision has USB 3.0 issues when using resume.

    Which SSDs do you use? Hopefully not from OCZ.

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    MSI/msix(message signal interrupt)
    Ms suggest 1interrupt per CPU for each whatchemacllit we have using it!what ms define as a CPU?is it one socket whatever the number of core?or like I think each physical core is considered a CPu.second question.why zero hardware set the number of interrupt ?like me:I use a i5 2500k,so everything using MSI should default to 4 .why is it not set?too much work?ms give a example of 16 decimal(hex value)the hex value that is by itself ?do I put this to the number of core I have ?messagenumberlimit do I write again the value 4 decimal (converted to hex)how come this isn't done by hardware maker?lastly?will surface 2 MSI /msix various hardware part needing it be set at the optimal value as recommended by ms ?(1 per CPU)this would mean surface MSI need to be set at 4?

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    This is ms suggestion considering msi . since your used to their lingo maybe you can. Shed some light!

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    Hey Larry,

    I'm posting from a machine that was installed with Windows Vista RTM and has been service packed and upgraded all the way to Windows 8.1.

    So, man-up and go ahead and upgrade your Windows 7 system to Windows 8.1.


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