Defrag: Encryption, Backups, Distance Support

Play Defrag: Encryption, Backups, Distance Support

The Discussion

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    Mike Greenway

    Thanks for all the help this year, You Guys are on the top to my 'to watch' list.


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    I enjoyed the shared folder sharing file for the remote assistance. Why can this process be made more seamless? Everybody has a relative that they have to help but just getting the process started can be overwhelming.

    Also you just removing the crapware on new devices - how does the average user know what to remove?

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    Happy new years guys!

    Just want to make sure I understand about bit locker. I have a large USB3 Storage Space array that I've used bit locker on. Its bitlocker key is different than the system drive, are both stored in the tpm? The C drive bitlocker key is also backed up to my live account. I printed a hard copy of the Storage Space key in case I need it in the future. So I think you said I would still need it to attach to my tpm to use the key? If my SP1 that it's attached to dies or is lost do I also lose my Storage Space?

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    Fun with distance support, Thanks guys for the fun Christmas gift Wink

    The standard user was the key trick. I totally recommend it for anyone with a family member who breaks things

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    Spectacular show as always. looks like someone had fun with the intro. It was great!


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