Defrag: Endoscope USB Camera, The Final [HoloLens] Vote, Adblock Pi and more...

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    You are the best. I have to disagree with your saying that Edge Favorites are "backed up" in the cloud and therefore someone shouldn't back them up locally. If someone inadvertently changes their local favorites or something goes awry with their system, changes are replicated to the cloud and the prior state of Favorites is lost.

    Isn't your MSA synchronizing data, not backing it up?

    I recommend belt and suspenders when it comes to backup.

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    Backing up to the cloud doesn't help people using a local account, so your tip is a little single sided.

    Until Windows 10 Version 1511, Edge used to store favorites just like IE did as file system-based shortcuts in its application data folder. Starting with the November update, they are now stored in a JET Blue database that lives in a file called "spartan.edb" in the directory "C:\Users\(UserName)\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\AC\MicrosoftEdge\User\Default\DataStore\Data\nouser1\<DateTimeString>\DBStore" (or similiar). You can backup and restore this file, and even use a tool like ESEDatabaseView from NirSoft to view its contents.

    AFAIK there is also a registry key that makes Edge go back from using a database/synchronization to the previous file system-based file system shortcuts, but somehow this disabled the ability to add new favorites on my PC.

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    I think your MP3 version of this episode is corrupted. It really confused my podcast app and when I tested it by downloading it and playing it with Windows Media Player, it had similar issues (I skipped to near the end and was on minute 36 of a 23 minute episode).

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    @SBussinger: Thanks... Looking into it now

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    Cliff S

    I just wanted to say, I like my desktop free of icons too.

    What I have been doing since Windows 7 is, use the desktop toolbar in the taskbar(one of Microsoft's greatest "hidden" tools) and then, create folders, such as Batch Files, Programs, System Tools, and Web. Then I just have to click the double arrows and use the slide out menus.

    One more bonus is, I can set my Recycle Bin so it shows, and have a fully working one my taskbar, without any 3rd party tools, hacks, or having to create one manually. And if I prefer a different icon for it, just go to Desktop Icon Settings and change it.

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    I'm using Windows 10 and when trying to connect to my Network Drives, or other drives on my Computer - It's saying that I don't have permission to access those drive.
    I'm the only person using this pc - at my home.

    Questions: Am I signing into Windows 10 correctly at startup?
    How do I grant myself Full Permission to connect to all my Drives, including the Network Drives?

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