Defrag: Explorer Hang, 8.1 upgrades, Optimal Battery Conditioning

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    I think the part at 13:24 is wrong - at least, I'm typing in this desktop window right now with the Start screen open on my other monitor. :) I guess it depends on how you define "all the time", but as far as I can tell it will stay up until you dismiss it, launch an app, or otherwise explicitly navigate somewhere else on that monitor, which was not the case in 8.0.

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    RE: [11:36] - How to do 8.1 upgrade if you can't use store.


    You mention being able to get retail media and doing a fresh install or an upgrade. Last time I checked, MS weren't giving ISOs to consumers. And for me, the fact that people wanting to get the ISOs will have to do so through unsupported methods is a real slap in the face for people who have slower/metered connections and/or multiple PCs to upgrade.

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    How do I create the dump file of the explorer? And what should I do or how do I analyze the dump file after creating it? Thanks.

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    @chmun77 Although it is possible to get a dump of explorer.exe in several ways, the easiest way is to open up task manager and find the process explorer.exe, then right click on it and choose create dump file...  As for analyzing it, I would use Debugging tools for windows, but it is quite complicated, perhaps you could email it in to or and have someone there analyze the dumps for you.

    I have a question for Gov about Windows 8, I have finally decided to upgrade my Windows 7 laptop to Windows 8 and now I cannot update it without it overheating and shutting down.   It was running fine with Windows 7, but it cannot handle Windows 8.  The laptop is an HP G62 from about 4 years ago.  I guess the culprit is the AMD Turion II processor, but I am really hoping that I can get the thing to not overheat just enough to install some updates.  I tried safe mode but noticed that in safe mode you cannot even get to Windows Update in Control panel.  Gov what do you suggest, besides going back to Windows 7 again.  I gather I may have to open it up and replace the Fan with a supercooling system that may be expensive?  I forgot to mention that I already have the laptop on one of those 45degree angle lifted up laptop fans and I have another fan blowing on it and it ran fine for months with Windows 7.  I had heard that if your PC could run windows 7 that it could run Windows 8, but obviously there is something in Windows 8 that is causing this laptop to keep shutting itself down that was not in Windows 7.  Please help.

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    I don't see how to clone disk-to-disk with Windows Complete Backup. You can create a wim on external media and restore to the new drive, but not directly as far as I know. I use Ghost and Clonezilla.


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