Defrag: Explorer Won't Run, Network Limited Access, Touch PC's We Like

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    I liked the 3.5inch docking station drive. Who makes it?

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    [00:20] - Explorer won't run, clicking icon or Windows+E shortcut.

    I also use TSVN and TGit and Explorer still works. Run ProcMon in background to see what is going on.

    Btw, will this ugly limit of displayed overlay icons ever increased?


    [03:38] - Network icon in SysTray showing Limited Access.

    check that the DNS client service (dnscache) runs. Otherwise the apps disable that ugly message, that they don't have internet.

    [10:25] - How to rename user profile and retain settings.

    Use Windows Easy Transfer instead.

    [12:10] - How to browse drives that are offline.

    use this search tool, which creates an index:

    Change "Look in" to your HDD drive letter and type the keyworks you look for.

    [17:47] - Pick of the Week: What are some of the touch laptops we like?

    the i7 has 4 real cores, while the i5 uses HT to get 4 "cores".

    But I bought a new dell laptop explicit without touch, because I don't like it and the ugly implementation from Win8. Optimize Win 8.1/Blue for 4:3 AND sliding from top to button (like in Gnome 3) instead from left to right and I may buy a Surface 2 RT as an additional couch surfing device, but with this ugly crappy 16:9 I'll never use a Win8.x tablet!

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    [03:38] - Network icon in SysTray showing Limited Access.

    -Instead of manually configuring DNS Settings, you could use a program such as DNS Jumper [Link]; It's pretty handy, offers numerous different DNS choices, automates the process and easily lets you switch back to your default DNS Settings.


    Haven't tried other programs, however, as a free software, this works pretty well;

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    I've been using namebench to find out by fastest dns server.. its open source and can be found @


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    Glad to hear the Surface pen is working well for you Larry. I really want a Surface Pro for all the reasons you listed. I just need to get final approval from the Spending Committee (aka my wife) first. She gets my hand-me-downs too and is still using my old Toshiba M700 that just refuses to die. That thing is a little tank. So an upgrade for me will be an upgrade for her too.

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    [17:47] - Pick of the Week: What are some of the touch laptops we like?

    Very cool information, it also helps me in deciding which laptop I get in the near future. It looks like it will be the Lenovo X1 Carbon. Thanks again guys,

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