Defrag: Headphones, Bikes, Excel'ing, GetProductInfo and more

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    Great to see you guys back.
    You asked about our favorite excel program. Here’s mine.
    In the late 90’s we were doing experiments on the simulating the space environment in a vacuum chamber.
    I built a VBA program in excel that used a rs232 serial port dll to talk to a quadrupole mass spectrometer and other equipment.
    With a single button in excel it would start the test, collect the data, analyze the data, do peak detection and plot out the results.
    In the late 90’s this saved us lots of time and money.
    Excel and the whole office environment is truly amazing.
    What’s sad is most people don’t even know what VBA is or that it’s in Office.

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    Hi, In the picture of your electric bike it looks like your forks are backwards in relation to the handlebars? Disc brakes should both be on the same side. Dropouts (that the wheel sits in) should point forward.


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    Thanks for the continued great shows.

    Not seeing it but where is the link to the headphones?. I really need some that autoswitch bluetooth - mine are infuriating.

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    You asked about spreadsheet use - as a developer - I recently needed to replace about 50 fields in a database record into a text file with mail merge type code. Variables names were mostly matching but not all. For example, in the text file i had a field called "<lastname>" (with the brackets). Using excel, you can copy a sp_help Tablename into the spreadsheet then write one line of code using the variable name in A1 as a variable - for example b1 formula would be

    ="TextFileContents.Replace(<" & a1 & "> = " & a1

    This will generate many lines of snytaxly correct code - sometimes the code is 98% correct and a few tweaks for exceptions to the rule.

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    Never use torrent or anything like that, but did get it this week via fast build and installed on several machines already.

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    The hard drive idea was good would be handy to have manfactured date too as I replace all my drives every few years just for peace of mind.

    Why not blank out the data and share on one drive ?

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    @keithmacc: You were right! Thank you!

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    Gov great call on Winsat! It makes sense once you said it but I didn't think of it listening to the question initially. Nice :)

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    @LarryLarsen: So what does this mean for you and me? It means that more likely than not, we can expect to see increasingly interconnecting advertising strategies, including more and more location-based and search-centric advertising. 

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